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Private placement platform DealSquare Technologies Inc. is aiming to attract international investors through a new partnership with DealMaker Solutions Inc.

DealSquare, which was launched by alternative trading firm NEO in 2019, aims to connect private issuers with investment dealers and advisors. DealMaker is a cloud-based platform designed for the settlement of domestic and international private placements. Both firms are based in Toronto.

The new partnership aims to give users access to “the broadest reach of capital market participants,” including domestic and international, as well as brokered and non-brokered investors, according to a release.

“We view the capabilities of DealMaker as a natural complement to our existing DealSquare network,” Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, managing director of DealSquare, said in a statement. “With their ability to bring international capital to the marketplace, our collective capacity becomes significantly more powerful and results in an even greater investor experience.”