client meeting

Vancouver-based fintech AdvisorFlow has partnered with Equisoft, a provider of digital solutions to the financial industry, to streamline the client onboarding process.

The partnership allows advisors who use the AdvisorFlow platform to automate client data collection through the use of an open API (application programming interface) software framework. Advisors’ client relationship model and financial planning software will be instantly populated with client data.

The end result is “a paperless digital user experience with a trusted advisor on the other end of the software,” said Brandon Chapman, CEO and founder of AdvisorFlow, in a release.

“By integrating the digital platforms that make up the financial planning process, we intend to eliminate data silos, reduce workloads, and help advisors make more informed, data-driven decisions in a much more timely fashion for their clients,” Chapman said.

AdvisorFlow launched in 2020 to support digital onboarding.