The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) on Monday issued an investor advisory that warns investors to be cautious when considering investing in products that have recently been making news, such as marijuana-related investments, binary options and digital currency.

“At first glance, these products appear to have no real connection to one another. But what they all have in common is their recent emergence as three investments that both sellers and buyers hope will become the ‘next big thing’. Before you consider investing, make sure you understand what these products are, their benefits, and their risks,” says Judith Shaw, NASAA’s president and Maine Securities Administrator, in a statement.

The advisory aims to help investors understand each of these products, including their risks. For example, it warns that marijuana investments could be particularly susceptible to ‘pump-and-dump’ scams.

As well, binary options look more like online gambling than a traditional investment, the advisor says, and that the lack of uniformity in how Bitcoin and other digital currencies are regulated enables prospective fraudsters to, “take advantage of the confusion and contradictions to misinform potential investors.”

“The bottom line is that before making any decisions with your money, ask questions, make sure you understand the risks, and check with your jurisdiction’s securities regulator before you invest,” Shaw says.