The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is warning consumers that CC&B Group Inc. and Serafattin Solak are not licensed to do insurance business in Ontario and are connected to a fake auto insurance scam.

FSCO said Wednesday attention that Solak (also goes by the name “George”) is soliciting insurance business through ads on Craigslist and is misrepresenting himself as an insurance broker.

Consumers who responded to these Craigslist ads were directed to pay their premium in cash and provide additional payment by personal cheque to Solak. Consumers then received fake pink slips that listed CC&B Group Inc. and Jevco Insurance Co. as their insurers.

The CG & B Group Inc., a legitimate brokerage registered by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, has confirmed that it is not affiliated or associated with Solak or this scam.

Jevco Insurance Co., an insurance company that is licensed by FSCO, is not affiliated or associated with Solak or this scam.

FSCO says consumers should exercise caution when responding to ads or offers to purchase auto insurance that promise extremely low rates and do not provide the name of a licensed company or brokerage.