Jeff Moffat
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Though he has been a corporate life specialist for more than three decades, advisor Jeff Moffat sees his career and business in very grounded and grassroots terms: he helps hardworking families protect their financial futures. He learned the importance of planning at an early age as a result of a family tragedy: his father, a respected and beloved volunteer firefighter and powerline technician with BC Hydro (the province’s electrical utility Crown corporation), was killed in an accident while doing volunteer work in 1969. While his father’s dedicated colleagues did their best to help the family, the financial hardship had an impact that would shape Moffat’s outlook on life.

“We had no insurance at all and my mom had three children. At 10 years old, I was the oldest,” Moffat recounts. “My mom bought and sold second-hand clothing just to keep us fed. And we went to work at a very young age, both my sisters and me.”

“The court proceedings with respect to my father’s accident dragged on for years and years, and it really bothered me when I thought about it later in life. At the age of 27, I decided I was going into business to help blue-collar Canadians make sure that they have insurance for themselves and their families, and that they fully understand what they’re buying.”

“You don’t get new clients unless you tell people what you do and explain it well.”

Through his company, Insure Force West Services Ltd., Moffat offers insurance advisory services to businesses across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Often these businesses are farms, ranches, wineries and professional services practices – successful enterprises that are still family businesses at heart and that have highly individualized needs. Moffat credits his partnership with Financial Horizons Group for providing him with access to the products, tools and resources he needs to deliver maximum service quality to his clients.

“Financial Horizons Group goes all out. If I need a lawyer, I get one on the phone. If I need an accountant, there’s one on the phone or flying here to see me. If I’m having a problem with an insurance company, it goes right back to head office,” says Moffat.

Moffat, whose business covers four provinces, is based in Kelowna, the largest municipality in B.C.’s picturesque Okanagan Valley region. He’s committed to supporting his community, and as part of his recognition by Financial Horizons Group, he selected one of his favourite causes for the company to donate to on his behalf: BC Children’s Hospital.

“One of the reasons we made this choice was my niece. She’s very young, but she’s had three open heart surgeries before her fifth birthday. She’s eight now and as tough as nails. And BC Children’s Hospital is a magical place for her.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“When I first started in the industry, I was told that if I didn’t do cold calls and I didn’t go knock on doors, I would never make it in the business. I still follow that advice. Some people in our business are scared to talk, to tell people what they do or how they add value, because everybody thinks they’re being sold. But you don’t get new clients unless you tell people what you do and explain it well. And I was also told, ‘Pave your own road, there’s much less traffic on it.’”

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