Video is a powerful educational tool that should be an integral component of your marketing mix. Clients are more likely to watch a short video than they are to read a long block of text.

“A lot of denser content can be simplified in video format,” says Elizabeth Hoyle, chief marketing officer at Bridgehouse Asset Managers in Toronto. And that makes it easier for clients to understand your message.

Although we have different styles for processing information, Hoyle says, a significant percentage of people prefer visual presentations, which facilitate greater engagement and retention. “They are simply looking at someone telling them what they need to know,” Hoyle says.

One of the good things about videos is that recent advances in technology have made them much easier — and cheaper — to produce.

Here are five benefits of using video:

1. Greater client engagement
Videos can portray your messages and products more effectively than written content, Hoyle says. For example, content that is difficult to explain in writing can be simplified by illustrations. You can detail historical market behaviour using simple charts, or illustrate various products and planning strategies.

Also, video can give your message a human face, which will likely resonate with viewers and further engage them.

2. Better retention, better recall
Most people are likely to retain more of what they see and hear, Hoyle says, than what they read. That is because well produced images and sound make a greater impact than text.

And if a client thinks he or she has missed an important point in a video, they can simply replay the video to get a better understanding of its content.

Another important advantage is that a message can be communicated on video in a shorter time than in writing.

3. They offer flexibility
Videos are versatile and flexible, Hoyle says. They can be presented in various formats for use on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. “You can pull them up for viewing anywhere,” she says.

You can also use various video distribution sites that allow you to upload your videos to more than one website at once.

4. Videos are easy to share
Videos can be shared with clients quickly and easily. You can send links to your videos directly to clients via email or share them with your contacts on social media.

Clients can in turn share your videos with their colleagues and friends, further spreading your message and your brand — and potentially earning you new prospects. Research shows that people are more likely to share an interesting video than written content.

5. Higher SEO ranking
Major search engines usually place a higher value on video content. So, if you use the same keywords for search engine optimization for both written and video content, chances are that your video will rank higher.

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