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  1. IE Staff
    Firms need to do more to support their advisors
  2. Special Feature

    Innovation on Bay Street

    Fiona Collie
    A web-exclusive series on fintech innovation hubs
  3. IE Staff
    Canada’s Big Six banks are struggling to live up to their branch-based financial advisors’ expectations
  4. Special Feature

    Consumer Insights

    IE Staff
    A monthly examination of the complex interplay among Canadian consumers, money and financial advice
  5. Megan Harman
    News and insight from the annual national Canadian Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies conference in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ont.
  6. Megan Harman
    News and insight from the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada's Spring Summit in Toronto
  7. IE Staff
    There are cracks in the foundation as firms struggle to deliver or meet advi­sors’ expectations
  8. IE Staff
    News and insight from the 15th annual national Canadian Institute of Financial Planners conference in Ottawa
  9. IE Staff
    Banks are exerting unprecedented influence on their brokerage firms
  10. Natixis Global Asset Management
    In this Partner Report from Natixis Global Asset Management, explore insights that can help reframe how advisors view risk.