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  1. IE Staff
    The Ontario government assigned an expert committee to study the regulation of financial planning and financial advice in April 2015
  2. IE Staff
    Help clients overcome the fear of running out of money
  3. Megan Harman
    News and insights from the Independent Financial Brokers’ annual event in Mississauga, Ont.
  4. Special Feature

    Consumer Insights

    IE Staff
    A monthly examination of the complex interplay among Canadian consumers, money and financial advice
  5. George Hartman
    A massive wave of technological change is redefining the way financial advisors do business
  6. IE Staff
    Playing by the new rules
  7. Special Feature

    HNW Guide 2017

    IE Staff
    IE’s first guide to serving the needs of high net-worth clients, from getting into their mindset to developing the top level service they demand
  8. IE Staff
    Advisors are in need of support from their firms to meet the increasing challenges of doing business
  9. Dan Richards
    Important estate planning changes impacting trusts, longevity planning and tax structures
  10. Special Feature

    Reining in risk

    IE Staff
    A web-exclusive series on strategies for managing risk