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  1. IE Staff
    Paul Moroz to remain co-manager
  2. IE Staff
    Beutel, Goodman appointed portfolio advisor for Educators U.S. Equity Fund
  3. Megan Harman
    Seventy-three per cent of Saskatchewan residents are against the application of the province’s 6% PST on insurance premiums
  4. IE Staff
    Sun Life MFS Canadian Equity Fund, Sun Life MFS Canadian Equity Value Fund re-open to new investors
  5. James Langton
    The labour-sponsored fund’s former manager has voted against a resolution to wind up the fund
  6. IE Staff
    The management expense ratio model is replaced with a fee expense ratio model in which the cost of mutual fund ownership is fixed
  7. IE Staff
    TD U.S. Dividend Growth Fund and TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund offer investors more diversification options
  8. IE Staff
    The new funds provide exposure to intermediate-term corporate bonds and real estate
  9. IE Staff
    Enhanced Short Duration Bond ETF actively managed by Marret Asset Management
  10. Jade Hemeon
    The $32.9-million deal expands and complements Purpose’s product lineup