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  1. Megan Harman
    Seventy-three per cent of Saskatchewan residents are against the application of the province’s 6% PST on insurance premiums
  2. IE Staff
    Sun Life MFS Canadian Equity Fund, Sun Life MFS Canadian Equity Value Fund re-open to new investors
  3. James Langton
    The labour-sponsored fund’s former manager has voted against a resolution to wind up the fund
  4. IE Staff
    The management expense ratio model is replaced with a fee expense ratio model in which the cost of mutual fund ownership is fixed
  5. IE Staff
    TD U.S. Dividend Growth Fund and TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund offer investors more diversification options
  6. IE Staff
    The new funds provide exposure to intermediate-term corporate bonds and real estate
  7. IE Staff
    Enhanced Short Duration Bond ETF actively managed by Marret Asset Management
  8. Jade Hemeon
    The $32.9-million deal expands and complements Purpose’s product lineup
  9. IE Staff
    FTSE Russell says the asset class is “growing strongly”
  10. Leah Golob
    The changes include lower management fees, new names for several funds and a new currency hedged series