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  1. Aleksandra Sagan
    CSA says companies must tell investors about risks
  2. James Langton
    The goal of the new policy is to encourage companies and individuals to self-report securities misconduct
  3. James Langton
    AMF shares expertise with IADI subcommittee
  4. James Langton
    With artificial intelligence becoming more powerful, there are risks firms could use the technology to take advantage of less sophisticated clients
  5. Armina Ligaya
    There is still a need for experienced investigators to go through findings and use judgment
  6. Dan Healing
    Stock exchange operator expected to boost competition
  7. James Langton
    Regulator uses social media platform to set out its approach to fintech and ICOs
  8. James Langton
    FSB publishes progress report
  9. IE Staff
    Regulatory deadlines and updates for financial professionals. New this update: embedded commissions and much more.
  10. James Langton
    Dietrich Domanski named secretary general