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  1. David Hodges
    Dollar moves higher
  2. Canadian Press
    The figures don’t account for any changes small business owners may take to avoid paying more taxes
  3. Canadian Press
    After removing the effects of price changes, retail sales in volume terms fell 0.6%
  4. Canadian Press
    Commodity prices gains ground
  5. Canadian Press
    A family of two adults and two children that earns $88,000 a year will see a tax reduction of $1,200
  6. David Hodges
    U.S. stocks hit new record highs
  7. Canadian Press
    Carlos Leitão will give details when he releases an economic update today
  8. David Hodges
    New York markets finish higher
  9. James Langton
    Slowing growth beyond 2018 and the uncertainty around the outlook means that there is an increased risk of low growth
  10. Canadian Press
    OSC to hold sanctions and costs hearing for Sino-Forest