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  1. David Hodges
    Canadian dollar weakens
  2. IE Staff
    The central bank is also keeping close tabs on the rise in protectionist sentiment in some parts of the world and what it might mean for the Canadian economy
  3. James Langton
    Canadian investors reduced their holdings of foreign equities
  4. Canadian Press
    Ontario Securities Commission holding sanctions and costs hearing for Sino-Forest
  5. David Hodges
    Energy and metals stocks fall, oil prices unchanged
  6. Ross Marowits
    Home sales forecast to drop in 2018 to lowest level in three years, says CREA
  7. Craig Wong
    The increase came as household income increased 1.2% while household credit market debt rose 1.9%.
  8. David Hodges
    Oil, gold prices climb
  9. James Langton
    Pension fund assets held in stocks grew 5.0%
  10. David Hodges
    Oil gains ground, gold retreats