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  1. Leah Golob
    Many Canadian investors believe that carbon and returns go together, but that is not the case, a new report concludes
  2. James Langton
    Most DB pension plans remain in strong financial shape thanks to foreign equities markets and despite another decline in long-term interest rates
  3. Andy Blatchford
    The Bank of Canada’s next interest rate announcement is set for July 12
  4. Linda Nguyen
    But the loonie rose to US75.83¢ as the price of oil rose to US$44.24 a barrel
  5. Patricia Chisholm
    Better communications, help with returns are among the notable changes
  6. Aleksandra Sagan
    Gold stocks decline as price of bullion retreats
  7. Canadian Press
    The International Economic Forum of the Americas kicks off Monday in Montreal
  8. David Hodges
    BlackBerry shares tumble 12%
  9. Andy Blatchford
    Weaker year-over-year growth in gasoline prices helped slow the annual rate
  10. Linda Nguyen
    Oil prices pull ahead