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  1. David Friend
    Canadian dollar slips
  2. Craig Wong
    Fifth consecutive monthly decrease
  3. James Langton
    Most regions are being affected by the weakness in energy-related demand for manufactured goods and business services
  4. IE Staff
    Canadian markets closed Monday
  5. Tessie Sanci
    Any potential slip into a mild recession will be short-lived as the economy is expected to improve throughout the rest of the year, according to a new report
  6. Peter Henderson
    Loonie trades lower
  7. James Langton
    Canadian companies are seeking to gain exposure to higher growth markets, such as the United States
  8. Peter Henderson
    U.S. markets post gains
  9. James Langton
    Canadian stock market underperformance is likely to prove an enduring theme
  10. James Langton
    World exchanges saw a continued and significant climb in trading volumes