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  1. Linda Nguyen
    Gold, oil also slide
  2. Canadian Press
    Toronto area had the country’s second-biggest decline; most other cities saw only a modest drop
  3. Linda Nguyen
    Dow gains more than 100 points
  4. Canadian Press
    The mortgage insurance agency says its Canadian arrears rate fell slightly over the year but remains at about one-third of 1% of its portfolio.
  5. Canadian Press
    Bank earnings, GDP report on deck
  6. Aleksandra Sagan
    Canadian dollar falls after U.S. Fed speech
  7. Craig Wong
    Government revenues fell $1.5 billion to $71.8 billion, while program spending increased $5.1 billion to $66.4 billion
  8. Linda Nguyen
    Loonie barely changed; commodities mixed
  9. IE Staff
    With the transaction, BGC is planning to enhance its electronic offering and increase its footprint in the Canadian market
  10. James Langton
    A new survey has found that 84% of FMIs are considering distributed ledger technology because of its potential for enhancing efficiency and delivering cost savings