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  1. Canadian Press
    Updated economic projections are unlikely to factor in any potential repercussions for Canada from Trump’s promises in areas like taxation, trade and tariffs
  2. Linda Nguyen
    Volatility inducing comments from the incoming U.S. president may be something investors have to get used to
  3. Aleksandra Sagan
    U.S. stock markets closed
  4. Tessie Sanci
    Lack of confidence in the economy is no longer the most cited top obstacle to business investment for entrepreneurs, as it was in 2016
  5. David Paddon
    Trump is a wild card
  6. Andy Blatchford
    Finance Minister Bill Morneau has suggested his upcoming federal budget, expected as early as February, will be prudent as the government prepares for the possible impacts of any Trump measures
  7. Canadian Press
    BoC rate announcement, December inflation report on deck
  8. Aleksandra Sagan
    Prices for gold and oil fall
  9. Alexandra Posadzki
    Finance minister meets with a dozen private sector economists
  10. Andy Blatchford
    The U.S. president-elect’s promised economic policies include cutting corporate taxes and implementing a border tax on imports