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  1. Malcolm Morrison
    Markets closed Friday
  2. Julian Beltrame
    A “soft landing” could sap as much as one percentage point from gross domestic product growth
  3. Julian Beltrame
    Alberta’s annual inflation rate shoots up to 3.9%
  4. IE Staff
    Employment trends and business investment remain a cause for concern
  5. Malcolm Morrison
    Investors play it cautious heading into the long Easter weekend
  6. Malcolm Morrison
    Commodities up as Chinese economy performs better than expected
  7. Julian Beltrame
    Policy interest rates remain unchanged
  8. Canadian Press
    Canadians buy $6 billion of foreign securities
  9. Malcolm Morrison
    Worries about Ukraine crisis deepen
  10. Craig Fehr
    Craig Fehr, Canadian market strategist for Edward Jones, outlines three market trends for 2014: accelerating growth in developed markets; slightly slowing growth in emerging markets and the fastest global economic growth we have seen in three years. He explains how investors can take advantage of these trends.