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  1. Aleksandra Sagan
    Oil continues to climb, while gold gains back most of its losses this week
  2. Andy Blatchford
    The market added added 19,400 part-time jobs and shed 8,700 full-time positions
  3. Andy Blatchford
    David Dodge says boosting borrowing costs would help promote price and financial stability
  4. Linda Nguyen
    Loonie gains while TSX loses
  5. Linda Nguyen
    Surprise OPEC deal drives crude prices up 9%
  6. Associated Press
    A production cut could have a lasting impact on consumers
  7. Andy Blatchford
    The healthy GDP figure is attributed to growth in energy exports
  8. James Langton
    The credit-rating agency expects to see a recovery in investment to drive 1.9% real gross domestic product growth for Canada in 2017
  9. Linda Nguyen
    OPEC set to meet
  10. Alexandra Posadzki
    The BoC governor also reiterated his view that the divergence between Canadian and U.S. monetary policy is likely to grow.