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  1. Alexandra Posadzki
    Weak economic data points to possible rate cut
  2. Craig Wong
    Price increases in the shelter and transportation sectors contributed the most to the rise
  3. Andy Blatchford
    The council’s ideas are expected to heavily influence this fall’s economic update
  4. Linda Nguyen
    Commodities slip, earnings disappoint
  5. Canadian Press
    The government is looking for ways to kick-start Canada’s stalled economy
  6. James Langton
    Advanced economies’ equity markets are looking more expensive than those in emerging markets
  7. Aleksandra Sagan
    U.S. markets post modest gains
  8. Andy Blatchford
    Report points to exports as a main contributor for the reduced forecast
  9. Canadian Press
    The Canadian economy is expected to bounce back in the third quarter
  10. Aleksandra Sagan
    New York markets rise