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  1. Alexandra Posadzki
    TSX sheds 99 points, Dow posts triple-digit loss
  2. Andy Blatchford
    Retail trade numbers show total sales slipped 0.1% in July
  3. Linda Nguyen
    Loonie moves higher
  4. Andy Blatchford
    Measures under consideration include an early launch of the second phase of the government’s planned $60-billion, 10-year infrastructure program
  5. Linda Nguyen
    Canadian dollar, oil prices rise
  6. Associated Press
    Central bank hints of interest rate hike before then end of the year
  7. Canadian Press
    Paris-based think-tank trims global outlook
  8. Andy Blatchford
    4% will probably turn out to be a pretty good return, BoC governor says
  9. Linda Nguyen
    Loonie barely changed
  10. Andy Blatchford
    But over the long term, the federal government predicts the pension changes will boost GDP growth and increase employment