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  1. Alexandra Posadzki
    BMO, TD match rate cut
  2. Malcolm Morrison
    Dow plunges on earnings disappointments, economic data
  3. James Langton
    Energy-producing regions face risk of price downturns
  4. Terry Pedwell
    Conservatives stick with plan to cut tax taxes, balance budget
  5. Alexandra Posadzki
    Falling energy prices highlight the need to diversify
  6. Malcolm Morrison
    Traders look to Fed rate announcement, Canadian/U.S. growth data
  7. Andy Blatchford
    Bank predicts another rate cut from the Bank of Canada
  8. Malcolm Morrison
    Rating agency questions just how well statutory bail-in regimes in Latin America and Canada will work
  9. James Langton
    Overnight rate expected to stay at its new 0.75% level for the rest of the year
  10. Malcolm Morrison
    The week ahead: Traders eye earnings, economic growth data