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  1. Canadian Press
    The investment management firm said Faber has stepped down effective immediately
  2. IE Staff
    Prize presented to the most promising fintech at Bogota conference
  3. IE Staff
    In addition to four executives taking on new roles next month, the bank announced that former CFO Colleen Johnston is retiring next year
  4. IE Staff
    Jeannine LiChong will be leaving the company at the end of the year
  5. IE Staff
    The new funds are subadvised by Rockefeller & Co. and Pax Ellevate Mangement LLC
  6. Alan Husdal
    The bank has also earmarked spending for patent application support for startups, and announced an AI agreement with Kasisto
  7. Canadian Press
    The sale represents a 9.9% stake in the stock exchange operator
  8. Canadian Press
    The turnover follows the departure last week of Greg Parker
  9. IE Staff
    The addition of Sentry expands CI’s product offering and brings new advisor and client relationships to the firm
  10. Canadian Press
    CFO Brad Kotush will assume departing Greg Parker’s responsibilities