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  1. IE Staff
    Clients can contact an advisor by tapping the “call” button or schedule a call-back from an advisor
  2. Fiona Collie
    The former founder of Wellington West and Todd Degelman will be opening the firm later this year and maintain a partnership with their previous dealer
  3. IE Staff
    The All Group team, whose practice is focused primarily on institutional and retail wealth management, will join Hampton as it continues to grow its asset base
  4. Megan Harman
    Sentinel Regency Group Benefits will provide group benefits insurance offerings to hundreds of independent advisors and their clients
  5. Fiona Collie
    ATB Prosper is targeted to investors in Alberta who are looking to open an investment account to save for retirement or shorter-term goals
  6. Fiona Collie
    The robo-advisor provides clients with financial planning and access to a dedicated advisor and has expanded its offerings to include private investment portfolios
  7. Tessie Sanci
    “Wealthsimple Black” will provide clients with $100,000 or more invested in the service with a lower management fee and access to tax-efficient funds and tax-loss harvesting
  8. Tessie Sanci
    Dennis Tew and Matthew Williams are the new heads of national sales and institutional and client service, respectively
  9. Rudy Mezzetta
    The change in structure will allow the firm to broaden its ability to provide financial services to Canada’s credit union system
  10. Tessie Sanci
    Both firms will acquire an additional 3.9% equity interest each in the Chinese asset manager for $179 million, increasing both companies’ stakes in the firm