Industry Perspectives Ian Russell

Ian Russell is president and CEO of the Investment Industry Association of Canada, the national association representing the position of Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada-regulated dealer member firms on securities regulation, public policy and industry issues. He is past chairman of the International Council of Securities Associations and a fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. Russell previously served as senior vice president, industry relations and representation, at the former Investment Dealers Association of Canada. Prior to that, he worked at the international financial journal "The Bank Credit Analyst" and at the Bank of Canada. Russell is a frequent commentator in the media, a regular columnist in industry publications and a sought-after speaker on industry issues and capital markets developments. He works on behalf of Canada's investment dealer firms to foster a vibrant, prosperous investment industry driven by strong and efficient capital markets.

Regulators must avoid unintended consequences

As a new survey reveals that investors have trust in, and are satisfied with, their advisors, proper steps need to be taken to ensure advisors are allowed to thrive

MiFID II represents a challenge for Canadian dealers

Whether Canadian securities dealers can establish a global model of payment for research will depend on U.S. regulatory accommodation to MiFID II