Responsible Investing Deb Abbey

Deb Abbey, CEO, Responsible Investment Association (RIA), is a pioneer in the responsible investment (RI) industry in Canada. She created the first investment-management firm to focus exclusively on RI. Her company, Real Assets, was eventually acquired by IA Clarington and lives on under the Inhance name. Deb is the author and co-author of two best-selling books on sustainable and responsible investing, "The 50 Best Ethical Stocks for Canadians", which was co-authored by Michael Jantzi, and "Global Profit and Global Justice, Using Your Money to Change the World".

The need for sustainable business supply chains is growing

Advisors and their clients stand to benefit when corporate leaders focus on building socially and environmentally responsible enterprises

Opportunity knocks for investors who want to make an impact

A growing base of investors are looking for investments that contribute measurably to environmental and social sustainability

Diversity makes dollars and sense

Corporate boards and executive teams that lack gender and cultural diversity risk missing out on opportunities to generate long-term value

Good corporate governance matters

You can play an active role in ensuring company executives and directors are working in the best interests of their shareholders

Millennials set to drive major growth in RI

Canada’s younger generation is placing an emphasis on responsible investments that make a difference and produce long-term value

Stranded fossil fuel assets present new opportunities

Market forces strengthening international policy commitments toward a renewable, low-carbon future

Companies stand to benefit from building businesses resilient to climate change

Opportunity continues to grow for responsible investors as companies strive to improve their ESG performance and advocate for effective climate change policies

Tapping into global investing opportunities with carbon pricing

Collaborative shareholder engagement that RI firms have initiated continues to fuel initiatives to mitigate climate change and provide opportunities for investors

Investing in global food security

As the need for food is only going to increase, there are plenty of investment opportunities for long-term investors concerned about food security

Less risk, more returns in RI mutual funds

New study reveals you can help clients achieve competitive returns, reduce downside risk and make a difference through RI mutual funds

Advisors with a difference

You can be successful with clients by incorporating responsible investing

RI growing on several fronts

The RIA’s latest report reveals that although RI assets have increased to unprecedented heights, much more growth can be achieved

Catching the next wave

Financial advisors are using impact investments increasingly to attract new clients and expand existing relationships

Debunking the RI performance myth

Various reports prove that the performance of responsible investments have achieved similar or slightly better results than their non-RI counterparts

Opportunities abound for advisors

Here’s a market niche that 90% of your competitors haven’t even considered

ESG analysis could become critical

Changing the way Canadian companies report on environmental, social and governance factors could have a material impact on their stocks

A new age for investors

RI funds invest in companies that are managing the future and are best positioned to minimize risks and maximize opportunities

Investing in the future

RI funds invest in companies that are managing the future and are best positioned to minimize risks and maximize opportunities