Focus on Financial Planning Cary List

Cary List is president and CEO of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto that develops, promotes and enforces professional standards for financial planning in Canada through the certified financial planner (CFP) designation. List has overseen the launch of the FPSC's financial planning practice standards, the CFP professional competency profile, practice standards for CFP professionals and the establishment of the two-level CFP certification program that included adoption of a constructed-response, competency-based CFP certification examination. List was also instrumental in the development of the international competency profile now used for 150,000 CFP professionals worldwide. Prior to joining the FPSC, Cary was an academic director with George Brown College in Toronto, at which he established a baccalaureate program in financial planning, accounting and banking. He has also spent several years overseeing financial planning practices in Toronto and developing and delivering financial planning programs for public and private sector organizations across Ontario.

Financial planners play key role in improving financial literacy

Financial planners must be able to communicate in a manner that clients can understand, absorb and convert advice into appropriate action

“Financial advisor” and “financial planner” are not the same

It’s time that either the term “financial advisor” truly means something — separate and apart from the licence to sell a product — or to ban its use entirely

The case for a global profession

Financial planners must embrace their role in the global community of professionals to enhance their credibility and have strength in numbers

Expert Committee’s proposed rules could have far-reaching implications

The introduction of restrictions to using the financial planner title as well a new statutory best interest standard will provide much needed clarity for clients

The future is up to you

Advisors need to figure out how to adapt, embrace technology and build a truly distinguishing profession that delivers a value proposition

The changing face of financial advice

Advisors are beginning to recognize the importance of understanding the client as a whole person who has complex and multi-faceted needs

The financial planner’s role

Those who are most influential to our citizens’ financial success must have the skills to assess what’s in the best interest of those particular individuals

Digging beneath the surface on the best interest standard

Creating a quasi co-regulatory model could be the solution to the inherent challenges with the CSA’s proposal to establish a best interest standard

Greater co-operation is needed in splintered regulatory environment

There are signs that willingness for co-operation is beginning to emerge, with momentum in favour of change clearly upon us

Half full or half empty?

There’s much to commend in the Ontario government’s Expert Committee’s preliminary recommendations, but also some areas that need to be revisited