Technology Anthony Boright

Anthony Boright, president of InvestorCOM Inc., co-founded the firm in 2010 to address the evolving investor communications and compliance needs of asset managers and investment dealers. Prior to that, Anthony founded VAULT Solutions in 2003 to provide custom web solutions to the financial services industry. Before VAULT, he was vice president, marketing and sales for Communicopia, a developer of Internet solutions for the wealth-management industry and creator of two successful products: The Fund Library, "Canada's online mutual fund resource centre"; and f/A Connect, "The Internet workplace for financial advisors." Previously, Anthony held sales roles on Morgan Stanley Canada's and CIBC Wood Gundy's fixed-income trading desks. He has an MBA in Finance from York University and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario.

AI is not just another fad

AI is slowly making its way into the wealth-management industry and will ultimately transform financial advisors’ role

Is financial services the next music industry?

Blockchain technology may transform financial services just as peer-to-peer file-sharing technology changed the music industry almost 20 years ago

Clients want humans, not robots

Far from replacing interaction with real people, technology strengthens the financial advisor’s client service

Disruption in the wealth-management industry

Wealth-management firms are encountering the most tumultuous business environment ever, and advisors can help their firms and clients emerge successfully

Going digital

An e-migration strategy can help transform your company for growth, but it comes with challenges

The risks of being overly social

Not all communication on social media is effective and advisors who rely excessively on it to connect with clients and prospects may be hurting their careers unwittingly

The good news about more regulation

Although increasing compliance and regulation are perceived as burdens to many advisors and their firms, the business case for more efficient disclosure is compelling

Is Fintech a disruptor or an enabler?

Financial technology companies are widely held as marketplace disruptors. Yet, increasingly, these firms will be seen as enablers to the incumbent financial institutions

Blockchain technology could reshape the financial services landscape

This new, disruptive technology will force us to rethink the role of banks, dealers and other financial services institutions in society

The days of “Everything-as-a-Service” are nigh

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes, but will increasingly be dispensed as a service delivered online

The more things change, the more they stay the same

New fintech entrants are changing the financial services landscape, but this technology breakthrough has been years in the making

Is technology stressing you out?

Advisors who offer a healthy balance of personal and technical support will strengthen their client relationships and overcome the most stressful situations

Technology may hinder your success

Generally touted as a boon to society, technology may be changing our behaviour for the worse

New record-keeping requirements raise compliance concerns

It’s becoming more important for advisors to leverage technology to maintain an audit trail showing compliance that you’re doing the right thing

The Internet of (Financial) Things

Canadian financial services institutions need to consider a broader spectrum of devices for imparting financial advice and delivering services

Newton’s principle of e-delivery

Dealers and fund companies must make a concerted effort to drive clients to digital channels

Use technology to create exceptional client experiences

Regulatory compliance can and should be woven into better investor experiences. This requires an approach that combines core competencies in data and analytics-driven insight

The convergence of marketing communication and regulatory disclosure

Sending material to clients before they make a decision could help improve disclosure to retail investors, but may complicate advisors’ marketing efforts

Let’s not rain on the cloud

Some financial services organizations perceive inherent risks associated with the cloud, but the temptation to avoid this evolving frontier will be done at their peril

Dealing with the coming regulatory tsunami

Advisors cannot hope to remain compliant without the strategic use of technology

Connecting with clients online

The key to migrating client activity to the web is to complement the human experience, not to replace it

The overwhelming case for electronic communications

Not only are there significant cost savings available for both financial services firms and their advisors, but changes in regulation and investor behaviour are key reasons for considering electronic communication

Is point-of-sale disclosure a winning strategy?

The introduction of the Fund Facts documents presents a great opportunity for the industry to make some wholesale changes to the disclosure landscape