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Anthony Boright, president of InvestorCOM Inc., co-founded the firm in 2010 to address the evolving investor communications and compliance needs of asset managers and investment dealers.

The key to migrating client activity to the web is to complement the human experience, not to replace it

By Anthony Boright |

Complement other communication channels

complement other communication channelsThe magic of being successful when using the web is that it should complement other communication channels to enrich the overall customer experience. And when it's used to reduce costs, it must be part of a multi-channel strategy that provides options and not as "all or none."

Case in point: the emergence of digital textbooks in the classroom is helping to transform the educational system by reducing overall costs while enriching the student experience. In December 2013, Archbishop Stepinac High School in New York became the only school in the U.S. to provide access to all digital books for all students, which they download from the cloud.

"The online history books, for example, include videos on subjects ranging from Woodrow Wilson to Malcolm X. The science books show scientific processes in motion. The English books grade an essay and offer a student a worksheet on the proper use of commas if it's needed," said the school's vice principal. "Students can highlight passages or leave notes to themselves in the margins, without ruining the book for anyone else."

Teachers are also using these tools to enhance their techniques and appeal to students' different learning styles, modifying the curriculum and even customizing the digital textbooks to reflect their own teaching priorities. And students prefer to carry an iPad and a lunchbox in their backpacks instead of a 30-pound load of textbooks.

Financial advisors should view technology in the same light, meaning, how can you complement the human experience using the web and provide tools to educate and ultimately convince clients? Many aspects of the financial services industry are complex but, used effectively, technology and the web can enhance relationships and sales situations.

Just as teachers are now incorporating more technology in the classroom to engage their students, advisors can use the web to become more effective in their jobs or in coordination with clients to walk them through investment scenarios. For advisors seeking to strengthen their relationships with clients and provide better customer service, online tools such as client-relationship management solutions, portfolio planners and proposal generators, will earn them credibility and facilitate the sale.

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