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  1. IE Staff
    If your adult children return home, you will need a plan to help them get back on their feet. That process begins with having an adult-to-adult conversation
  2. IE Staff
    You can shave thousand of dollars off mortgage interest costs if you boost monthly payments or make an extra lump-sum principal payment
  3. IE Staff
    Renting out a spare bedroom for a short term may seem like a great way to earn extra cash, but there are a number of financial issues to consider
  4. IE Staff
    Marriage and cohabitation agreements can protect each partner’s financial situation should the relationship break down
  5. IE Staff
    Be prepared to mount a strong case that you deserve more money. And don’t get emotional when discussing money with your employer
  6. IE Staff
    If your debts are overwhelming, there are a couple of ways to get your financial life back in order. And the sooner you take action, the better
  7. IE Staff
    The intent to give to charity often is altruistic, but there can be a financial payoff in supporting charitable causes
  8. Fiona Collie
    “Robo-advisors” typically invest your assets in a portfolio of exchange-traded funds, then rebalance your portfolio automatically
  9. IE Staff
    There are tax credits for investing in labour-sponsored investment funds, but most individual investors should steer clear
  10. Fiona Collie
    Managing your debt properly can help you become debt-free sooner