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  1. Fiona Collie
    Naming a second spouse or a grandchild as the direct beneficiary of an account could lead to various unintended consequences
  2. Leah Golob
    Most advisors offer financial planning, but only about half of clients have a plan
  3. Natixis Global Asset Management
    Don’t be passive about discussing the benefits of active investing
  4. Natixis Global Asset Management
    In this Partner Report from Natixis Global Asset Management, explore insights that can help reframe how advisors view risk.
  5. Leah Golob
    Discussing these issues can save your clients trouble in the long run
  6. Jennifer Cheng
    Young clients may be too busy having a good time to worry about saving for retirement, but you can plant the seed
  7. Dwarka Lakhan
    Longevity and unexpected health-care costs could derail many clients’ plans
  8. Lakhan Dwarka
    Without some risk, adequate returns over the long term are unlikely
  9. Beatrice Paez
    Don’t be just an order taker; discuss overall strategy with your clients
  10. Beatrice Paez
    Use visual tools to tell your story and show the power of compounding