Infinity advisor Ramandeep Banga has started a program to teach financial and time management, scheduling skills

By Rachel Betts-Wilmott | February 2007

Project Forward also has cultivated a beneficial relationship with the National Pardon Centre, a nonprofit organization that arranges to have individual’s criminal records removed from public files. The latter group has opened doors for individuals with past records.

Banga has high hopes for the success of Project Forward — and of its participants. In the next three to four months, he expects about 100 program participants will be off the streets and back in the workforce. Furthermore, he has set that as one of his personal goals — and he is well known for following through on his goals. It’s one of the reasons his clients, both from the drop-in centre and his day-to-day business, keep coming back.

Banga credits his success to a passion for his work. His attitude suggests he would be more than happy to be called to the office at any time of the day or night — and be thankful for the opportunity to be there. His enthusiasm is a driving force in his career, continually pushing him to improve in terms of designations and client service.

He already holds his financial management advisor designation, among others; he is completing his Canadian investment manager designation and plans to get his chartered financial analyst designation. But, he says, designations alone won’t keep you ahead of the game.

“A lot of clients tell me I’m really passionate,” Banga confides. “Really, loving the business sets good advisors apart. Some days I wonder at being paid to do this.”

With Banga’s infectious enthusiasm and hard work, it is no surprise he’s accomplishing much in his business and volunteer work. As a young advisor with good ideas and lots of gumption, he exemplifies the Calgary ethos — minus the cowboy boots. IE