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Advisors’ Report Card 2017

As the financial services sector goes through a period of profound change, advisors are in need of support from their firms to meet the increasing challenges of doing business and to build strong practices for the future.

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The firms with which advisors are most pleased come from every channel in the Report Card series, but share some key traits

By Fiona Collie |

Despite the different distribution channels and business models of the firms included in Investment Executive's (IE) 2017 Report Card series, there are many similarities to be found among the highest-rated companies, whether it's a bank-owned brokerage or a managing general agency (MGA).

In fact, financial advisors at firms with the 10 highest "IE rating" and "overall rating by advisors" in the Report Card series often praise their respective companies for the same thing, whether it's a positive work environment, the ability to make independent product choices for clients, or the backing of a strong brand.

(A firm's IE rating is the overall average of all the ratings a firm received for the categories included in a Report Card's main ratings table. This excludes the overall rating by advisors, which is how advisors rated their firm as a whole.)

View this slideshow to see which firms ranked in the top 10, why they have earned such high praise from their advisors, and how these firms have performed over the past decade.

The top 10 rated firms in this year’s Report Card series


The top 10 rated firms in this year’s Report Card series

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