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Dealers’ Report Card 2017

Financial advisors rely upon their dealers to provide a solid foundation of key services and support on which to grow their businesses. However, advisors believe there are a few cracks in that foundation as firms are struggling to deliver or meet advi­sors' expectations in these key areas.

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Although there have been significant changes to the Report Card, advisors’ ratings, overall, have remained fairly stable since 2008

By Fiona Collie |

Investment Executive's annual Dealers' Report Card has seen its fair share of changes over the years, but advisors, on average, have been consistent in how they've rated their firms.

Case in point: the average IE rating in this Report Card has remained between 7.7 and 8.0 over the past 10 years. (The IE rating for each firm included in the Report Card is an average of all the ratings that dealer has received in the main table.)

Although ratings, by and large, have been consistent, the firms included in the Report Card have not. For example, Mississauga, Ont.-based PFSL Investments (Canada) Ltd. was removed from the Report Card in 2014 (the average IE ratings between 2008 and 2013 have been revised to reflect PFSL's exclusion). As well, Ottawa-based Independent Planning Group Inc. also was removed from the Report Card's main table in 2014 after Mississauga, Ont.-based Investment Planning Counsel Inc. (IPC) acquired that firm the previous year.

View this slideshow to see how advisors rated their dealer firms in comparison with the Report Card average since 2008.

How advisors rated their firms in the past decade


How advisors rated their firms in the past decade

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