Serving seniors

Making core changes to your practice; working with elderly clients' families; dealing with mental capacity; seniors and technology; and more from the Mid-February 2015 issue of Investment Executive newspaper.

In this Special Feature

  • Seniors: Eye on designations

    Clients focus on designations and certifications

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  • A senior-friendly attitude

    Making your practice amenable to elderly clients requires a sympathetic understanding of seniors' concerns - and an abundance of patience

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  • Aging clients are a family matter

    How can you ensure that your clients' assets will stay within your practice when those clients eventually pass away? There are steps you can take to help keep your older clients' heirs on your side

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  • A practice created for seniors

    Nathan Kupusa has built a firm dedicated to guiding seniors through their financial decisions and other aspects of their lives. Solutions for Aging provides advanced wealth planning as well as a range of lifestyle planning services

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  • A whole new ball game

    "Know your client" takes on new meaning when the person sitting across from you is a senior whose mental capacity may be diminished. Declining mental and physical capacity as well as estate-planning and family issues raise a host of red flags

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  • A senior-friendly office

    There are many ways to make your office a comfortable and positive place for visits by senior clients. These tips can enhance communication and reduce confusion

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  • Key tax strategies to consider

    There are several tax credits that may be useful to your senior clients, at both the federal and provincial levels. In addition, many tax credits - such as the pension income credit or the disability tax credit - are transferable between spouses

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  • Tackling elder financial abuse

    With senior clients being prime targets for fraud - even from family members - there are several signs you could be looking for to help these clients protect their assets

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  • Silver surfers: Tech for seniors

    Tech Tips: There are several ways that standard personal computers can be adapted to provide special support for seniors who are less comfortable with technology. These options can help your senior clients - and you - deal effectively with their financial affairs

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  • Not too old for insurance?

    Many advisors incorrectly assume their senior clients are unable to qualify for life insurance. But many clients in their 60s and 70s are insurable - and can take advantage of a life policy as a lucrative, tax-efficient, estate planning tool

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  • Books help advisors help seniors

    These six volumes cover various aspects of helping your elderly clients manage their financial and lifestyle affairs. These books provide valuable advice for you - and may make excellent client gifts

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