Funds held within GIF, TIP and GS/GS2 contracts

By IE Staff |

AEGON Capital Management Inc. will replace its affiliate, Transamerica Investment Management, LLC as the portfolio manager and/or sub-advisor of several segregated funds that are available within Transamerica Life Canada’s segregated fund contracts, the insurance company says.

AEGON Capital Management currently manages numerous segregated fund mandates on behalf of Transamerica Life Canada and now adds the below noted funds to their responsibilities.

There will be no changes to the investment objective, investment strategies or MERs of the impacted segregated funds, Transamerica Life Canada says.

The change affects two funds within the Transamerica GIF Contract: Transamerica Global Equity Growth GIF; and Transamerica U.S. Equity Growth GIF.

Within the Transamerica Investment Portfolio (TIP) Contract, U.S. Equity Growth GIF 75/75 and 75/100 Guarantee Options is affected by the change.

Three funds within the GROWSafe/GROWSafe2 Contracts are impacted by the change: U.S. Equity Fund; U.S. Bond Fund; and U.S. Balanced Fund.

AEGON Capital Management Inc., is an established Canadian investment
manager, with over $7 billion in assets under management. It provides investment management services to institutions including its affiliated companies, Transamerica Life Canada and AEGON Fund Management Inc.