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The investment industry generated $76 billion in economic activity in 2016 and is responsible for providing direct employment for 40,130 workers

By Leah Golob |


The Investment Industry Association of Canada's (IIAC) latest infographic features key statistics that showcases economic contributions the investment industry made in 2016.

The infographic is designed to educate clients and the media on the industry's wide-ranging impact, from creating 40,130 careers in securities industry firms to helping federal, provincial and municipal governments raise $197.9 billion dollars through debt issuance.

Other important figures from 2016 in the infographic include: $1.5 trillion in assets under administration; $132 million made in charitable donations; $1.9 billion paid in business taxes; and $76 billion of economic activity the industry, as a whole, has generated.

In addition to teaching clients and the general public more about the investment industry, the IIAC hopes the infographic will be an influential advocacy resource with regulators and government officials, the IIAC says in its weekly newsletter.

More industry statistics can be found on the IIAC's infographic

Photo copyright: IIAC