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Wishing you a techie Christmas

Christmas is almost here and financial advisors who are not on Santa's naughty list will be looking for something nice under the tree. Today's modern, connected financial professionals may be hoping for some cool technology to help them at work and play. But before you email your list to Santa, have a look at Investment Executive's gadget ideas in articles that will be published during the next four days.


These gadgets will help you stay connected, safe and healthy throughout the coming year. As a side benefit, they're also all tax deductible as business equipment. So, even if Santa doesn't leave any of them under the tree for you this year, you can always hop online and treat yourself to one of these gifts.

Your Time

Replace your laptop and tablet with one handy device

By Danny Bradbury |

Financial advisors usually have to maintain two devices: a laptop, which they use when they need to get some serious work done, and a tablet for kicking back with a magazine, movie or video game. This year, your loved ones might choose to put one device under the tree that replaces both.

Hybrid 2-in-1 tablets offer the best of both worlds. They serve as regular laptops most of the time, but can switch to tablet mode when needed. Some screens swivel so that they close with the screen facing out. Some fold all the way around to the other side of the device. Still others detach altogether. All of them have captured the public's imagination in 2015, and many more devices began appearing.

Most of these hybrids are Windows-based devices. Apple is having problems releasing a 2-in-1 because it doesn't want to cannibalize sales of its iPad and MacBook devices.

A favourite in the Windows line is the Surface Book (www.microsoft.com), Microsoft Corp.'s first stab at a fully-fledged hybrid laptop. Starting at a little under $2,000, this device features a detachable screen and comes with Intel Corp.'s new Skylake processor, which offers almost three times as much performance boos over the last-generation chip.

The Surface Book's detachable screen, which turns into a tablet, offers a resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 pixels, meaning that when you want to sit back and read websites or magazines via Zinio (www.zinio.com), it will give you stunning clarity.

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