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Advisors’ Report Card 2017

As the financial services sector goes through a period of profound change, advisors are in need of support from their firms to meet the increasing challenges of doing business and to build strong practices for the future.

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  • Advisors’ Report Card 2017: Editors discuss the key trends of this year’s Report Card series

    Pablo Fuchs, managing editor with Investment Executive, and Fiona Collie, staff writer, discuss the impact of regulations and evolving business models on advisors surveyed for the 2017 Report Card series.

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  • Advisors look to the future

    As the financial services sector undergoes profound changes, advisors will need support from their firms to meet the increasing challenges and build strong practices

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Advisors’ Report Card 2017 main chart

    How advisors rated their firms

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Decisive support

    Overwhelming backing for “best interest” standard

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  • Communication’s key role

    How advisors feel about their firms' communications efforts has an impact beyond measure

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Notable changes in advisors’ businesses

    Although there's little movement in the overall numbers, a closer look at advisors' metrics in the four distribution channels included in the Report Card series reveals the financial services sector is in flux

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Shift from smaller accounts begins

    Brokerages are leading the way in encouraging advisors to drop the smallest clients from their books of business

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Advisors praise product shelves

    Having a robust product offering from firms is very important to advisors

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • No secret formula for success in tech

    Two firms have taken very different strategies regarding their technology, but both received high praise from their advisors

    Advisors’ Report Card
  • Stepping up on regulatory support

    Advisors lauded firms that are proactive in informing them about changes in regulations and in training

    Advisors’ Report Card